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  • Dart

  • Fastlane

  • Figma

  • Firebase

  • Flutter

  • GitHub Actions

  • MobX


Between September 2021 and March 2022, I built and released Frosty, a cross-platform, open-source mobile app for Twitch featuring live streams and chat, custom emote support, customizable settings, and more.

My primary objective was to incorporate quality-of-life features from third-party web extensions that were lacking on Twitch's official mobile app. After unsuccessful attempts with SwiftUI and React Native, I switched to Flutter and began learning and building from scratch almost every day.

With some marketing through Reddit posts, a partnership with 7TV, and a successfully filled niche, Frosty gained over 250,000 downloads, 50,000 monthly users, and a 4+ star rating on both app stores as of 2023.